Answer for question 2506.
Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Answer for question 945.
What's your favorite thing to show out-of-town guests when they come to visit?
Book about Samara

Answer for question 4073.
Самое невероятное событие в вашей жизни?
Рождение сына

Answer for question 4608.
Donald Trump as presidential candidate -- what's your opinion? Among your circles of friends and family, is your opinion the norm or does your opinion of him differ from those around you?
Couldnt be as bad as Bush,s ,Clintons ,Obamas

Answer for question 4597.
What is the best or most memorable compliment that you’ve ever received? Who was it from, and why did it mean so much to you?
Someone told me
That I was very artistic and different from other people.
That person also told me there was nothing wrong with being different you're beautiful no matter what kind of cheesy but that warmed my heart. I usually don't receive those types of compliments from people, most people say I'm beautiful or pretty but they never really acknowledge me for who I really am on the inside but this particular person did and it made me smile and my day!!

Answer for question 4598.
Are you introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in the middle? How does this affect your day-to-day life? Is there any particular time you wish you could be more reserved or more outgoing?
I am an introvert, always have been
I'm comfortable with being one I always enjoyed being alone, I get my work done better in school, I can focus on myself and my needs, I have a few friends but most of the time I just like being alone

Answer for question 4600.
What's your favorite beverage that you drink often (daily or near-daily)? Why do you enjoy it so much?
My favorite beverage would have to be
is soothes me and keeps me focused
I don't drink to much of it though only when needed like for school

Answer for question 4604.
What's your favorite way to wind down at the end of a stressful day (or even just a regular day)? Why is this activity relaxing for you?
What I like doing while relaxing is probably eating a huge bowl of ice cream while reading a Manga or comic book and taking long heat bubble baths with candles or listening to music.
That's what I like to do!

Answer for question 4606.
What's the most fun you've had in the last year? What were you doing, and who were you with? Why was it such a great time?
The most fun I've had all of last year was spending time with my family in Tennessee we did lots of things like go to pool, visiting the zoo I'm a huge animal lover so that made my day! going to theme parks it was great!! I really enjoyed it.

Answer for question 4605.
If you're a parent, what's the hardest part about being one? If you could get one thing to help you out in being a parent, what would it be? What's one thing you wish more parents were better at, whether or not you're a parent yourself?
Creo que cuando uno es padre, abandona su juventud y llega a ser una persona familiar, pero a pesar de to-
do, el internet nos ayuda a sentirnos independientes,
escribiendo en nuestros blogs y creando,eso es!!!


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